Here, you will find some information about things I’ve done in the past, as well as photos. I do different kinds of work as a musician, teacher, speaker, copyist and writer all the time, so if you are curious about this, go to the Contact page and send me a message!

One of the most exciting projects I’ve been working on for many years is a collaboration with my brother, composer and musician Nils Henrik Asheim: the work-in-progress «Crossing Grieg», based on Edvard Grieg’s op. 72 and the original Hardanger fiddle tunes behind it. Read more about it and listen to excerpts here: <; You may also read what I have written about these fiddle tunes and Grieg’s use of them here: <> Also, during the pandemic year 2020 we were lucky to be able to perform it in an actual concert in my home place Voss – in this video from the concert, you can hear short excerpts from three of the tunes: <>

I also enjoy very much playing for dance, and concerts of course. In the 2019 «Osafestivalen» here in Voss, I got to do «whatever I wanted» in a combined concert and talk. I talked about how folk music has been colouring people’s lives from its beginnings, and still does – and how important it is to keep the power of music in our lives in general. This was done on commission from the festival, but I would love to do it again!

Another highlight has been playing Ketil Hvoslef’s «Hardingtrio», which was originally written for Knut Hamre, Reidun Horvei and Geir Botnen. I got to record it together with Hilde H. Sveen and Einar Røttingen in Hvoslef’s chamber music series, and the CD where it appeared was nominated for «Spellemannsprisen» in 2019. Leif Ove Andsnes heard the recording, liked the piece and asked me if I’d like to play it at the 2022 Rosendal Chamber Music Festival – and indeed, it was to be the opening piece of the festival, with Hilde H. Sveen performing the soprano part and Andsnes himself at the piano – an unforgettable concert experience for me! Click HERE to read a review of the whole festival at Classical Voice North America, where this performance is also mentioned. The photo below was taken by Liv Øvland.

Rosendal Chamber Music Festival 2022



Ulrik — Musikken etter Aurdals-spelemannen Ulrik i Jensestogun. CD, Heilo 1992.

Contributes on:

Elisabeth Kværne: På langeleik, Heilo 1985/1994.

Ånon Egeland/Hans Olav Gorset: For borgere og bønder, Norsk Kulturråds klassikerserie 1989.

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Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag: Spell, Heilo 1995.

Leif Rygg & al.: Budeiene på Vikafjell, Spelarhaugen Folkemusikk 2008.

Ketil Hvoslef: «Hardingtrio», with Hilde Haraldsen Sveen and Einar Røttingen. On Hvoslef: Chamber Works No. VI, Lawo Classics 2019.


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Photo: Nils Kvamsdal

Håkon Asheim. Photo Knut Aastad Bråten

Photo: Knut Aastad Bråten

Håkon Asheim. Photo Svein Ulvund

Photo: Svein Ulvund

Håkon Asheim. Photo Siri Flatlandsmo

Photo: Siri Flatlandsmo