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I have added a page here: «Info», where you will find a discography/bibliography, as well as a short CV and some pictures. If you follow a link there you will be able to hear me play, which is also possible on Spotify of course.

I should have commented on all the works I have listed on the page, but one of them stands out: the solo Hardanger fiddle album «Ulrik». It was the result of many years’ work with the partly forgotten music of this fascinating fiddler from Valdres, Ulrik i Jensestogun. It was recorded at a time when I had been playing more and more music, eventually making it my profession. The sound of the record reflects the enthusiasm I had for the music and the tradition, for playing it and making it my personal expression. And importantly, it is not solo playing all of it – I had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of nice musicians. Many people have told me they have enjoyed the album very much – not the least fellow musicians, which means a lot to me. I feel I can still safely recommend listening to it, and it contains some music which not many other fiddlers have on their repertoire.

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