I get to play with Henning again!

I’m excited – I enjoyed my last solo concert playing in Voss very much, and very soon I will do another one! In Bagn at the «Valdreskappleik» this time. And just like last time, when I shared the concert with Jorun Marie and Gabriel Fliflet, I get to share the stage with a very nice musician: Henning Andersen, with whom I also will play a couple of tunes in duo – for the first time in many years! We used to meet more often in the 90s, and laughed about our duo name HAHA, based on our initials… Like myself, Henning is one of few fiddlers with a special interest in the long almost forgotten tradition of Ulrik i Jensestogun, which I presented on my album «Ulrik» (1992). He also recorded a wonderful album called «Underlege makter» together with Marit Karlberg, which I can’t recommend warmly enough! About our concert: https://www.facebook.com/events/353627515236180/

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